Flannel is a soft, suede fabric made of carded wool. Flannel is made of wool. Domestic generally refers to the mixed color coarse (cotton) wool yarn woven with the style of carded (cotton) wool fabric, which has a layer of plump fine and clean pile covered, not exposed weave, feel soft and flat, the body bone is slightly thinner. 

The production of flannel is the first part of the wool (or cotton fiber) dyed, and then mixed with a part of the primary color wool (or cotton fiber), mixed and spun into mixed color wool yarn, woven into the fabric by reducing, drawing and finishing. Most of the twill tissue, but also useful plain tissue. In addition to all wool (or pure cotton), the raw materials used are generally wool (or cotton) ,and some are mixed with a small amount of nylon fiber to improve wear resistance.

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Therefore, what material composition is flannel, it is very obvious, mainly all wool (or pure cotton) or wool (or cotton) ,, or mixed with nylon fiber.