Features and advantages and disadvantages of flannel fabric

1, flannel color plain and clean generous, light gray, medium gray, dark gray points, suitable for the production of spring and autumn men and women's coat and trousers;

2, flannel weight is high, plush is more delicate and dense, thick fabric, high cost, good warmth;

3. Flannel has been reduced and raised, feel full and suede is fine.

Advantages of flannel fabric


(1) After a tedious textile process, the finished flannel fabric has a very thick suede and a very soft feel. The fine velvet in the middle layer of the fabric makes the suede very delicate, and there is no rough and hard appearance of other fabrics,such as printing flannel fleece fabric,solid flannel fabric.

(2) The textile technology of twill makes the fluff of the fabric arranged very closely, without exposing the weave; The dyeing before textile makes the color and pattern of the fabric bright and clear, and there will be no fading phenomenon.