French Terry fabric is generally thick, soft, comfortable, especially suede, usually very close to the skin, wear very comfortable, but also fashionable, generous, casual, more leisure charm, looks youthful, youthful, energetic, a collection of sports and leisure fashion elements, clean and neat, but also very slim.

Comfort is the first choice in spring and autumn season.It is generally wide and comfortable. Now the popular oversize loose version of hoodie is the first choice for everyone.

Fashion: They are stylish and functional. With its blend of comfort and fashion, french terry have become the go-to outfit for athletes of all ages.

Personality: The graffiti design shows the young personality. Comfortable wearing is the best equipment for leisure sports.

It is easy to wear with sweatpants, jeans, or a skirt for a relaxed fashion sense.

It is easy to sweat during exercise. If there is no close-knit clothes that can absorb sweat easily, the cold air will blow directly onto the skin with the range of exercise.