Scuba fabric is a double-sided knitted fabric, also known as space cotton fabric, SCUBA KNIT. What are the advantages and disadvantages?  Cotton scuba fabric elastic, thick, quite wide, tough, but the touch is very warm and soft.


Scuba fabirc is woven by a special circular knitting machine. Unlike the tight bonding layer in the middle of the composite fabric, it is about 1-2 mm in height and thickness. It is the fine chemical fiber (or pure cotton yarn) that connects the two sides of the fabric together, because the air layer cotton has a thicker and hollow position than other composite fabrics. So the advantages of the air layer are more prominent. Space cotton fabric is not as soft as the general double-sided fabric and has the crisp feeling and thickness of coat cloth, so many people use it as hoodie fabric to make knitted clothing such as coat, hoodie, coat and trench coat.


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